My Story

Nameste !!

Welcome to my site.

My name is Sainithya. Im a student from India. I believe in being a student for life. I like learning new things and sharing. Creating and sharing is my adventure. I find the strength to develop myself and design my lifestyle in a way that is meaningful and beautiful to me.

I love my family. I love nature, adventure, books, rain, stars, sharing, loving, music, dance, travel, having fun and connecting with kindred spirits.

I have learned that in life test comes first; Later the lesson. My life has taught me to be strong and loving. Life is a journey where we build our own paths. There is no right or wrong path.

About this website

This is a community where I share the wisdom and inspirations that I have acquired from lessons I learnt from the situations and events of life in the hope that this journey together will benefit, support and provide value to our community by helping to design the lifestyle that is meaningful, loving and creative.

I wish that we are strong and bold to all of life’s challenges by being true to our own principles and values. Let’s build our life vibrant, colourful and alive bonded with love.

Peace and Joy is our natural state of being and ART is a beautiful expression of life. Let us create a world that is loving in all forms.

Spread the power of love

Be the alchemist – Be the revolution

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