Dance as if the stars shine through you !!!



As a kid, I always like to move my body and dance. I simply wouldn’t care about who’s watching me. Though I did not have any formal education on dancing skill, I did the dance. I wouldn’t definitely tell I was a great dancer. But I enjoyed.

Somewhere along the way,  seriousness hit me hard. I started focussing on important stuff like studies. There are these moments in life when we forget our gracefulness and to abide by the strict ways of our life. We become stern and steady.

We forget that we are born to be graceful and free. We forget to enjoy.

Sometimes its just most of the time. We are too busy to be having fun. We are afraid of being judged. We are simply following the crowd.

We say we are not dancing type. We say we are not in a mood to let go. But the truth is we care too much about what people think or we are too shy.

I always admire people who dance. Dance as if no one is watching them dance. They do not care even if the entire world is staring at them. The only thing that matters to them is to have fun and let go of all the sternness.

When I see those people, my heart rushes to search where exactly have I lost my freedom; the freedom to do what I enjoy.

This realisation is great because now I know what I wanna do next time I feel stuck in life or maybe in traffic.

Dance !!

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